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Are you looking for a dental practice that offers cosmetic, general and restorative dental care? At Nova Dental, we strive to meet all of your dental needs under one roof. Dr. Stan Nova is our lead cosmetic dentist passionate about helping patients find the right oral health solutions that best align with their needs, budget, and goals.

He provides restorative care for patients missing permanent teeth. Additionally, patients who require routine preventative care can schedule an appointment with our team. Whether patients need a dental check-up or a smile makeover, we can help patients in our Gaithersburg, MD, dental office.

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Why Choose Dr. Nova in Gaithersburg, MD?

As a cosmetic and preventative dentist, Dr. Stan Nova allows patients to renew the aesthetics and health of their teeth and gums. He helps his patients maintain and enhance their oral health. Dr. Nova offers modern dental treatments to treat patients, from Invisalign to laser dentistry. 

Patient Comfort

We understand that some patients may find it difficult to make regular dental visits. Many patients avoid the dentist because of dental anxiety. Patients can have negative past experiences, a fear of loud noises or dental tools, or generalized anxiety about the office itself. Our friendly dental and office staff understand dental anxiety and work with patients to accommodate their needs. We offer local anesthetic when necessary. 

Dental Technology

Our modern Gaithersburg dental office incorporates state-of-the-art technology to diagnose and treat patients. Some of the dental technology that our office uses includes:

Digital X-rays

Compared to traditional dental x-rays, digital x-rays emit far less radiation and create instant images of the smile. With digital x-rays, we can see the teeth, gums, and tooth roots. In addition, we can see impacted, infected, missing, and misaligned teeth with digital x-rays. Our dentists can also easily plan extractions, orthodontic treatment, or implant placement with digital x-rays.

CBCT Scans

Cone-beam computed tomography uses cone-shaped x-rays to capture images of the mouth, jaw, and face. When we take these scans, we have our patients stand or sit in the middle of the CBCT machine. We will ask the patient to evenly bite down on a plastic piece with their forehead against a rest. Then, the machine will rotate around the patient to take pictures of the mouth and underlying bone structure. CBCT scans differ from traditional x-rays because they show more of the facial structure.

Paperless Charting

Digital patient records ensure that information is secure. With our digital records, we can easily access patients’ medical and dental history. We can also send these charts to specialists as needed. 

Flapless Implant Surgery

Dr. Nova is an implant dentist that can provide flapless implant surgery at Nova Dental. Flapless surgery does not cut the gums to expose the jaw bone tissue. Instead, this type of implant surgery goes through the gum and jaw bone tissue. Detailed digital x-rays and thorough treatment planning make this surgical method possible.

Dental Lasers

Our soft-tissue dental lasers address gum disease. We can safely and comfortably remove diseased gum tissue and naturally contour the gums. Lasers use precise beams of light and heat to painlessly remove tissue. Additionally, dental lasers do not require sutures or stitches, unlike traditional oral surgery.

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Receive high-quality, modern dental care at Nova Dental. Schedule your next dental visit online. Feel free to contact our dental practice for care today at (240) 226-1482. We see patients in Gaithersburg, Owings Mills, and the surrounding areas. 

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