Emergency Dentist Gaithersburg, MD

Have you just broken or lost a permanent tooth? Do you need to repair your teeth or alleviate dental pain? Call Nova Dental at (240) 226-1482 for urgent dental treatment. 

Dr. Stan Nova provides emergency dentist services in Gaithersburg, MD. If you have a medical emergency and sustained dental injuries, please contact us after you receive medical attention. Patient safety is our top priority; we can treat oral health problems once you’re healthy.

Emergency Dentist in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Common Dental Emergencies in Gaithersburg, MD

Our dentists are dedicated to helping patients when they have sudden dental problems. Some of the most common emergencies that we treat in our office include:


Most of the time, tooth decay causes tooth pain or toothaches. However, patients who clench or grind their teeth may also have tooth pain and dental injuries. If you have severe tooth sensitivity or pain, please contact our office, and we will help you schedule a consultation.

We offer root canal treatment for patients with cavities or dental infections. Our team can also make custom nightguards to alleviate pain caused by teeth clenching and grinding. 

Lost Permanent Teeth

Have you just lost a permanent tooth? Gently rinse the tooth in water if you can find it and hold it by its top, or crown. Then, locate your tooth socket, place the tooth, and slowly bite down. If you cannot place the tooth back in its socket, place it in your cheek or a cup of saliva to keep it moist. We offer complete implant services for patients with lost teeth.

Damaged Dental Restorations

If you have just broken a dental crown, dental bridge, or dental filling, we can help. Contact our dental office, and we can help plan your replacement restoration. We will provide you with a temporary restoration. You must receive a temporary replacement to prevent pain or damage to worn or broken teeth beneath the restoration.

Excessive Bleeding

Many patients may experience bleeding gums if they have inflamed gums or brush their teeth too aggressively. However, excessive bleeding is a dental emergency, particularly after dental procedures. It is common for patients to experience bleeding directly after tooth extraction.

Please call our dental office if your surgical site or tooth socket continues bleeding 48 hours after treatment. We will find the cause of the bleeding and help prevent blood loss.

Objects Stuck Between Teeth

Gently floss if you have an object stuck between your teeth. Do not attempt other methods to remove the object, as this can damage your teeth. Call our office, and we will remove the object for you. We use small instruments that can easily remove small objects from between teeth. 

Call Our Dental Practice Today

Do you need urgent dental care? Call (240) 226-1482. You can schedule a dental consultation on our website if you do not have a dental emergency. Do not hesitate to call our office if you have a question or are unsure if your oral health problem is a dental emergency.

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