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Do you or your child play contact sports? Are you looking for a way to treat TMD? Dr. Stan Nova provides his patients with custom-made sports mouthguards and nightguards at Nova Dental. Wearing a mouthguard during any sport with contact between players, like hockey, football, or hockey, prevents dental injuries or tooth loss.

Patients with TMJ disorders often need a nightguard to protect teeth from further wear or damage. As a general dental solution, custom mouthguards prevent future oral health damage for patients in Gaithersburg, MD. Mouthguards are made of plastic that conforms to teeth and stops outside forces or adjacent teeth from causing wear and tear.

Custom Mouthguard in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Custom Mouthguards in Gaithersburg, MD

Dr. Nova takes digital impressions to create customized mouthguards. Then, he sends the dental impressions to a dental lab, where technicians create the mouthguard. Once the mouthguard is complete, Dr. Nova ensures it fits comfortably in the mouth. Dr. Nova may need to adjust the acrylic for nightguards to ensure that patients bite the guard evenly. 

Patients with sports mouthguards may clean their appliances with warm water and soap. We often recommend a denture or mouthguard cleaner, particularly for nightguard patients. Regularly cleaning the mouthguard minimizes harmful decay-causing bacteria and keeps the appliance fresh.

Are Sports Mouthguards and Nightguards The Same?

Although nightguards and sports mouthguards may appear similar, they have different uses. Nightguards treat patients with TMJ disorders. They are hard acrylic trays covering the upper or lower teeth. Wearing a nightguard during sleep stops teeth clenching and grinding. Nightguards also minimize jaw and tooth pain as well as chronic headaches. 

Sports mouthguards use a more rubbery, flexible plastic that covers the front of teeth. These mouthguards protect teeth from hits to the mouth that break the tooth enamel or even dislodge permanent teeth. We can also fit sports mouthguards over braces and other orthodontic appliances to prevent damage to the appliances and the teeth.

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